Season 2 Episode 5 - The ICJ Arbitrators

On this full-length feature of a podcast episode, Joel talks to Bruno Gelinas-Faucher about the involvement of ICJ judges in investor-state arbitration, prompted by a recent report from the International Institute for Sustainable Investment [TIME 11:01]. For our series on places of arbitration Brian interviews Yasmin Mohammad about the recent English-speaking commercial court in Paris, but since he finally gets to talk to a third party funder, he asks a few questions about that too [TIME 47:50]. Taking things down a few notches, Happy Fun Time deals with how to dress to impress: how should we approach arbitration's silent dress codes [TIME 1:20:00]?

Also mentioned in the episode: 

Bruno mentions the article The Revolving Door in International Investment Arbitration, written by Malcolm Langford, Daniel Behn and Runar Hilleren Lie.

Episode 2 - The Bourne Arbitration

In the second episode, we talk to our first guest: Annette Magnusson, Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (and, as such, the former boss of both of us). We talk to her about diversity in arbitration and the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge. Other topics include third party funding and The Bourne Arbitration, i.e. all the cool spy stuff that may be involved in international arbitrations but are not strictly something that most lawyers work with.