Season 3 Episode 8 - The LatAm Holiday Special

With the discipline one can only acquire in Big Law, one half of the host duo invites two guests for a holiday special. In Brian’s London office, he talks to Gloria Alvarez and Manuel Casas. First, Gloria focuses on ECT reform in the light of the Achmea judgment [12:10]. Manuel then takes on some recent ICJ case law with relevance for international (investment) arbitration [39:00]. The three then together re-brand HFT as La Hora Feliz, which is about Latin American developments in international arbitration [1:02:04].

Season 2 Episode 5 - The ICJ Arbitrators

On this full-length feature of a podcast episode, Joel talks to Bruno Gelinas-Faucher about the involvement of ICJ judges in investor-state arbitration, prompted by a recent report from the International Institute for Sustainable Investment [TIME 11:01]. For our series on places of arbitration Brian interviews Yasmin Mohammad about the recent English-speaking commercial court in Paris, but since he finally gets to talk to a third party funder, he asks a few questions about that too [TIME 47:50]. Taking things down a few notches, Happy Fun Time deals with how to dress to impress: how should we approach arbitration's silent dress codes [TIME 1:20:00]?

Also mentioned in the episode: 

Bruno mentions the article The Revolving Door in International Investment Arbitration, written by Malcolm Langford, Daniel Behn and Runar Hilleren Lie.