Episode 8 - The Amicus Brief

In London, Brian speaks to Simon Wolfe about working with arbitration in a non-traditional firm setting. Back in Sweden, Joel tries to pronounce amicus curiae when talking about third party submissions in arbitration, while this week's Happy Fun Time concerns Jerusalem Arbitration Center.

Episode 7 - The Mooting Season

In this week's episode we talk about appointing arbitrators: what considerations come into play and how do you get information on potential nominees? For Happy Fun Time, we (Brian, mostly) discuss strategies and insights that might be useful now that the problems for the moot arbitration competitions are being released.

Episode 6 - The Redfern Schedule

Joel discusses the importance of the place of arbitration and Brian talks about document production. For Happy Fun Time, we've reviewed some examples when arbitration has been brought up in the pop culture context, such as TV shows and podcasts.

Mentioned in the episode:

The "Unseen Adjudicator" conference in The Hague

IBA in Sydney

Silicon Valley, S.02 E.09

The Good wife S. 02 E. 20 (ICSID case with Venezuela)

The Good Wife S.04 E.12 (CAS)

The Good Wife, S.06 E. 03 (Christian arbitration)


Episode 5 - The Costs

Joel calls in from a remote cabin (although it sounds like he's reporting from the front; apologies for the sound quality, it will be better starting next episode) and talks to Brian about costs in international arbitration. Who pays for what and how are the costs distributed? For Happy Fun Time, we humbly give some advice on how to behave at arbitration conferences, now that conference season is coming up. 


Episode 3 - The Machine Arbitrators

The third episode focuses on appointing authorities, as well as the EU's role in the future of investor-state arbitration. For the EU segment we talk to Hannes Lenk, who explains the much-discussed European Court of Justice Opinion 2/15 (although we also ask him about a lot of other stuff related to EU law and arbitration). The HAPPY FUN TIME topic addresses Machine Arbitrators - will they take our jobs?!


Episode 2 - The Bourne Arbitration

In the second episode, we talk to our first guest: Annette Magnusson, Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (and, as such, the former boss of both of us). We talk to her about diversity in arbitration and the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge. Other topics include third party funding and The Bourne Arbitration, i.e. all the cool spy stuff that may be involved in international arbitrations but are not strictly something that most lawyers work with.