Season 3 Episode 15 - The Great Cost Debate

The Arbitration Station is in Washington, to debate the allocation of costs from a conference podium. In this episode, we do a dress rehearsal of our respective arguments (should cost follow the event?). We also sneak in some gossip from UNCITRAL Working Group III in New York, as well as a short interview with Alexis Mourre from the ICC. Happy Fun Time closes out the episode, focusing on the impostor syndrome that we all suffer from.

Season 3 Episode 3 - The Kompetenz Competence

We discuss one of the core principles of arbitration, namely the one that provides that arbitrators are competent to determine their own competence [TIME 7:10]. Second, we interview Carita Wallgren-Lindholm about the ICC, Chair of the ICC Arbitration and ADR Commission, in an effort to get a better grasp of how the world’s biggest international arbitration institution works [TIME 27:26] (for this segment, Joel calls in on a conferencing system so we apologize for the level of his interventions, which thankfully are few and short). Happy Fun Time is prompted by Brian’s new job, which he had to interview for: what can he teach Joel, who never had a real job, about job interviews in the arbitration business [TIME 54:58]?

Episode 7 - The Mooting Season

In this week's episode we talk about appointing arbitrators: what considerations come into play and how do you get information on potential nominees? For Happy Fun Time, we (Brian, mostly) discuss strategies and insights that might be useful now that the problems for the moot arbitration competitions are being released.