Season 3 Episode 15 - The Great Cost Debate

The Arbitration Station is in Washington, to debate the allocation of costs from a conference podium. In this episode, we do a dress rehearsal of our respective arguments (should cost follow the event?). We also sneak in some gossip from UNCITRAL Working Group III in New York, as well as a short interview with Alexis Mourre from the ICC. Happy Fun Time closes out the episode, focusing on the impostor syndrome that we all suffer from.

Season 2 Episode 12 - The Third from ICCA

Still in Sydney, we talk to three heavy-weights: Christophe Bondy is first out, discussing his experience representing states in investment arbitration [TIME 12.:27]. Then, Stavros Brekoulakis talks to us about public-private arbitration (for an article on the topic, see here) [TIME 39:35]. Finally, Susan Franck focuses on our favourite nerd topic: costs [TIME 1:03:46].

Episode 5 - The Costs

Joel calls in from a remote cabin (although it sounds like he's reporting from the front; apologies for the sound quality, it will be better starting next episode) and talks to Brian about costs in international arbitration. Who pays for what and how are the costs distributed? For Happy Fun Time, we humbly give some advice on how to behave at arbitration conferences, now that conference season is coming up.