Season 2 Episode 13 - The Fourth from ICCA

Joel is in Copenhagen and Brian is in Amsterdam so the initial segment is recorded remotely, in a way that brings back memories from the early days of DIY audio. Thankfully, most of the episode was recorded in Sydney, where we first talk to ICSID Secretary-General Meg Kinnear about ISDS reform and ICSID's role in it [TIME 9:27]. Next, Ben Hayward discusses conflict of laws in international commercial arbitration (he has a great book out, if you use this link you will get a good discount from Oxford University Press) [TIME 35:12]. Finally, Hugh Carlson discusses AI and cybersecurity and how they interact with arbitration [TIME TIME 59:27]. No Happy Fun Time this week - it will be back next week, in the final episode from Sydney (we think).

Episode 3 - The Machine Arbitrators

The third episode focuses on appointing authorities, as well as the EU's role in the future of investor-state arbitration. For the EU segment we talk to Hannes Lenk, who explains the much-discussed European Court of Justice Opinion 2/15 (although we also ask him about a lot of other stuff related to EU law and arbitration). The HAPPY FUN TIME topic addresses Machine Arbitrators - will they take our jobs?!