Season 2 Episode 11 - The Second from ICCA

In our second episode from Sydney, we have three conversations with ICCA speakers. First, Wendy Miles and Nicola Swan discuss issues relating to CORE, a Canadian ombudsman for responsible corporations [TIME 9:17]. Second, Claus von Wobeser reflects on a 40-year long career [TIME 40:04]. The third segment, finally, is technically no Happy Fun Time, although Mark Kantor does a good job of entertaining us when discussing the use of arbitration in employment contracts, including over matters of discrimination and harassment (and yes, The Stormy Arbitration pops up again) [TIME 1:09:52].

Season 2 Episode 7 - The Stormy Arbitration

Alexander Foerster takes us on a trip to Germany, to talk about legal culture, German lawyers and the DIS [TIME 4:07]. Then both Brian and Joel discuss the arbitration-related aspects of Stormy Daniel's legal case against what we all assume is the US president [TIME 28:20]. The Happy Fun Time segment, finally, is about internships and their role in our field [TIME 52:38].