Season 2 Episode 1 - The Arbitration Friendly Season Opener

We're back, baby! In the first episode of Season 2, we set up the "Places of Arbitration" series, which will be a recurring feature of the new season [TIME 32:59]. Part of this is talking to a true expert on the matter: professor Loukas Mistelis, who has done a lot of research on competition among different legal seats [TIME 07:45]. The first Happy Fun Time of 2018 is about the phrase "Arbitration Friendly" - what does it even mean [TIME 40:44]? 

Episode 6 - The Redfern Schedule

Joel discusses the importance of the place of arbitration and Brian talks about document production. For Happy Fun Time, we've reviewed some examples when arbitration has been brought up in the pop culture context, such as TV shows and podcasts.

Mentioned in the episode:

The "Unseen Adjudicator" conference in The Hague

IBA in Sydney

Silicon Valley, S.02 E.09

The Good wife S. 02 E. 20 (ICSID case with Venezuela)

The Good Wife S.04 E.12 (CAS)

The Good Wife, S.06 E. 03 (Christian arbitration)