Season 3 Episode 10 - The LGBTQ+ (AF)

In an extra-long episode, we first cover two specific international instruments: CISG [TIME 14:28] and ICSID AF [TIME 33:20], two acronyms you should know. The primary reason for the movie-length episode, however, is Happy Fun Time, which this week is about LGBTQ+ issues in the field of arbitration [TIME 50:33]. For this segment, we are rejoined by Quantum Boy Michael Kotrly, as well as several testimonials from listeners sharing their experience.

Season 2 Episode 8 - The Quantum Boy

We're preparing for our trip to the ICCA Congress in Sydney, and in the meantime we talk to Victoria Kummer about New York as a place of arbitration (some mediation came up as well) [TIME 8:24]. In the second substantive segment we quiz "Canadian-Canadian" Quantum Boy Michael Kotrly about damages in international arbitration - how are they calculated and why are lawyers so bad at calculating[37:54]? Unfortunately there is a crackling that shows up sometimes when Michael speaks, for which we very much apologize! This week's happy fun time then focuses on billing and various aspects of that practice, from both a law firm and an arbitrator's perspective [TIME 1:15:12].