Episode 16 - The Holiday Gifts

Happy holidays fellow arbitration nerds! This week's episode focuses on holiday gifts. If you're unlucky, you will soon be hit with a request for provisional measures, which is customary at this time of year. If so, you might enjoy our discussions about this topic, from both the commercial and treaty-based perspective. If not, we have other gifts for you - Happy Fun Time this week is a list of suggested holiday gifts.

Mentioned in the episode:

Nova Group v. Romania PO7 on Provisional Measures

Supreme Ambitions by David Lat

East-West Street by Philippe Sands

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

Is International Law International? by Anthea Roberts

LAWSUIT! Board game

The Political Economy of the Investment Treaty Regime by Jonathan Bonnitcha, Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen, and Michael Waibel

(And yes, to all private international law specialists - of course the Brussels regulation does not apply to arbitration-related matters, Brexit or no Brexit. The incorrect information was a test on your attention. You probably failed.)