Season 3 Episode 6 - The Podcast King

FINALLY we get a chance to talk to the Wayne Gretzky of arbitration podcasts - Michael McIlwrath. In addition to a long career as a disputes lawyer at a multinational company, Mike keeps busy on several fronts. Most notably for us, he ran a well-known podcast about alternative dispute resolution, the IDN podcast (found here), between 2007-2011.

In a departure from our typical three topics, we talk to Mike about two things: first, about the Prague Rules, which attempt to insert some “civil law flavour“ into international arbitration. Secondly, we compare notes from our respective podcast experiences. How come IDN was so much better than the Arbitration Station? What has happened with the world of arbitration in the time that has elapsed between our two podcasts? What tips does Mike have for us?

The Procedural Order competition mentioned by Michael can be found here.

Season 2 Episode 6 - The Doctrine of Precedent

Brian talks to Portuguese lawyer Duarte Henriques about arbitration in Lisbon [TIME 8:50], and Joel discusses the use of legal precedent by tribunals [TIME 36:44]. For Happy Fun Time, we give mooties - participants as well as arbitrators - a chance to cure their Vis hangover by talking to Cristen Bauer from the Moot Alumni Association about ways to stay in touch with the moot community [TIME 1:02:40]. 

Episode 11 - The Sports Arbitration

Joel is in The Hague and Brian has just returned from London. The former trip involves an interview with Kendra Magraw about sports arbitration, while Brian's London trip centered on the super-inspiring ITF Conference hosted by BIICL, which he summarizes with starry eyes. For Happy Fun Time, we try to figure out whether there is any meaningful difference between civil law and common law.