Season 2 Episode 3 - The Pronunciaton Station

Inspired by a recent teaching gig, Brian takes a swing at (part of) Joel's research: challenges vs. annulments - what is the difference* [7:20]? For the second stop on our road trip we touch down in Miami, Florida for a conversation with Quinn Smith about Miami as a place of arbitration [33:52 - apologies for the occasional Skype lag; that's on us and not on Quinn]. In the Happy Fun Time segment, finally, we take on the seemingly banal issue of how we're all supposed to pronounce each others' names in this international field of ours [1:01:52].

* In an earlier version of this episode, we only mention four out of five grounds for annulment under Article 52 ICSID Convention - "corruption on behalf of a tribunal member" is left out. We have now updated the audio to reflect that there are in fact five grounds, but we still don't discuss the fifth. Apologies for that and thanks to a thoughtful loyal listener for pointing out the oversight.